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In Pittsburgh | New Hampshire Public Radio, June 2021

My full-episode audio documentary aired in the slot between Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me and This American Life. It’s a story of learning about—and then learning to live with—industrial air pollution. Come for the three-year-old saying “shit” on the radio! Stay for the melancholy reflection on lax environmental regulation!

Editing + Producing

I’m a freelance editor and producer of Vox’s Longform Podcast, a weekly conversation with nonfiction writers, journalists, podcasters and filmmakers about how they do their work. I love getting to edit some of my nonfiction heroes, like Michael Pollan and Mary Childs.


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#521: Jonah Weiner | February 2023

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I reported for 90.5 WESA, Pittsburgh’s NPR affiliate, producing features and spot news. Allegheny Front syndicated a number of my energy and environment stories.


‘A real love affair’: Pitt polymer physicist tells her story of science, romance and loss | 90.5 WESA, February 2024

In 2016, Anna Balazs became the first woman ever to win the prestigious Polymer Physics Prize. But days before she was to accept the honor, her husband and closest collaborator Steven Levitan died unexpectedly. This is her story of accepting a tremendous honor in the midst of a devastating loss.

Stormwater infrastructure hidden beneath the grass of two new East End parks | 90.5 WESA & Allegheny Front, August 2021

Pittsburgh’s sewer system was built in the 1800s for a much smaller city, and it’s notorious for overflowing. But there’s a new way to capture stormwater, hidden beneath the green grass of two new parks.

2nd Place, Public Media Journalists Association, 2021

Local organic farmers face an uncertain 2022 as they battle inflation | 90.5 WESA & Allegheny Front, December 2021

Many local organic farmers had their best season ever in 2020. But with this year’s inflation at its highest since 1990, farms are facing uncertainty in 2022 as they grapple with rising costs of farming inputs like fertilizer, seed, propane and greenhouse plastic.

Spot News

More than 500 Allegheny County kids have elevated blood lead levels | 90.5 WESA, November 2021

Behind the City of Pittsburgh’s plans to outfit 35,000 streetlights with LEDs | 90.5 WESA, November 2021

Mon Valley on pace for twice as many hydrogen sulfide violations as last year | 90.5 WESA & Allegheny Front, August 2021

Downtown Pittsburgh office occupancy is way down, but energy use? Not so much. | 90.5 WESA & Allegheny Front, September 2021

City installs first raised crosswalk in Squirrel Hill as part of ongoing efforts to slow drivers | 90.5 WESA, November 2021

Environmental groups push for Pittsburgh ban on plastic bags | 90.5 WESA, September 2021

Pittsburgh pilots new smart loading zones to ease congestion and air pollution from delivery vehicles | 90.5 WESA, September 2021

Self-driving tech company Aurora names Pittsburgh as official corporate headquarters | 90.5 WESA, September 2021

Black leaders say federal COVID funds have passed over hardest-hit communities | 90.5 WESA, July 2021

Pittsburgh International Airport completes gas- and solar-powered microgrid | 90.5 WESA, July 2021

Heinz Endowments announces $10 Million for Black arts in Pittsburgh area | 90.5 WESA, July 2021

Pennsylvania could face new wave of abandoned and hazardous coal mines | 90.5 WESA & Allegheny Front, July 2021

Pittsburgh Episcopal Diocese elects first Black woman bishop | 90.5 WESA, July 2021

Casey unveils new legislation to expand access to home care | 90.5 WESA, June 2021

Pittsburgh tech company wins $500K in artificial intelligence competition | 90.5 WESA, June 2021

Oral History

I was an interviewer and audio producer for an innovative oral history project for the University of Pittsburgh. I did more than 20 interviews with faculty and alumni and crafted non-narrated audio vignettes, StoryCorps-style, for each of them. I was especially proud of this story of love, grief and polymer science that surfaced from an interview with Anna Balazs, the first woman to win the Polymer Physics Prize.


Babysitter, The Rumpus, November 2018

“Pink short-short athletic shorts announced the beginning of her smooth, golden legs, and white anklets and sneakers defined the end. And the arrival of this nubile young woman made it clear on which side of the maiden/ma’am fence I had landed.”